The Beauty of Meditation
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Meditation is not trying to empty the mind, meditation is not trying to sit motionless, meditation is not trying to be peaceful, meditation is not trying to relax, meditation is not trying to be...

Meditation is an effortless game in which thoughts keeps attempting to get our full attention and make us react to them, and we keep learning how to remain calm and let them say whatever they want, while allowing our attention to return effortlessly to where it truly belongs - in our heart.

As we master the art of resting in our heart, and we learn how to choose to fully inhabit our body (instead of just our mind) then the thoughts stop wanting to play and the game comes quietly to it's end.

Why meditate ?

The only reason to meditate is because you want to, so why would you want to ? Because all children love games and all children love rewards, and meditation is the ultimate game which offers the ultimate reward.

The hardest part of the game is understanding the rules - because there are none. Once you learn how to play without rules - without "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" - and with only what feels right as your guidance, then the game is effortless, the rewards are endless and you want to invite everyone you know to join in and play.

How to meditate ?

It is impossible to meditate because meditation is not just another thing to do - meditation is the opposite of doing. So how do you do something which cannnot be done ? Ask yourself this question: "What is already happening in me that is effortless ?"

The easiest way to experience complete conscious effortlessness is to move your attention on to what is already happening effortlessly all of the time.

Choosing where to put your awareness is the highest practice of intelligence. This is true wisdom.

So, we are very familiar with the results of our attention always being focussed on external objects and events, or on internal thoughts and emotions - so what else is there?

It is the body's breathing process which is our gateway and anchor to the state of joyful effortlessness, and this breathing process will always lead us directly back to the warm sense of aliveness in our body and to the subtle experience of peace in our heart.

Our breath is the bridge between our spiritual and physical being, and the more we enjoy being aware of our breathing (without trying to change or control it) and the more we enjoy feeling the physical pulse of life actually moving within our heart and body the easier it becomes for us to enjoy living in our natural state of effortless, joyful presence - the state of meditation.

To help you be in meditation...

There are many ways to encourage a state of meditation, and it is good to remember to be active. Activities such as walking and dancing keep us grounded yet alert and present. Here is a specific dance meditation you can do. Spend more time in nature, and enjoy listening to bird song, as sound is one of the most powerful tools we can use to become more present. Spend time enjoying beauty, music and inspiring art in all forms (especially sacred geometry). True beauty will always arouse the heart and encourage a greater state of meditation...

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